This is a Mage who has chosen the air element as their main focus of spells.

Requirements: Must have a total of at least 10 months in spells, including at least 5 months worth of Air Elemental spells (if taken through a class, this 5-month - but not the 10-month - requirement is fulfilled if the equivalent skill costs of the Mage's Air Elemental spells would be at least 5 months), which must include the Lightning Bolt spell.

Limitations: Weapon max: 1, No elemental spells other than Air. No other magical orders. Gain the 'Vulnerable to Earth' disadvantage. If the character already had this disadvantage before entering this order, the character also becomes phobic and allergic to it as well, and can not willingly enter any underground area, nor can they attack or go near anyone wielding or affected by any obvious earth spells.

Advantages: The Aeromancer's Air Elemental spell chant lengths are all cut in half - except for their Lightning Bolt recharge chant, which is unaffected. If the Aeromancer is ever knocked unconscious (such as by a "Flat" attack), they will regain consciousness in a 10 count (which must be entirely spoken aloud), instead of a 100 count.

Cost Name Abilities Prerequisites
2 Dabbler (Pick 1) Storm Air Breath of Life & Wind Ward Spells
  Air Shield None
2 Beginner (Pick 1) Air Armor Protection from Air
  Wall of Air Air Shield
2Amateur (Pick 1) Double Magic Missiles Magic Missile Spell
  Immune to Air Air Armor
2Skilled (Pick 1) Air Form Storm Air & Immune to Air
  Unsearchable Focus None
2 Master (Pick 1) Fast Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Spell
  One-Handed Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Spell

Dabbler Abilities

Storm Air: Caster's basic Air spells are enhanced by a connection to a more pure source of elemental air. Caster may cast his or her Breath of Life spell on the same person as many times as he or she wishes, but never more than once every minute or so. Caster's Wind Ward spell forces a searching person to search them 10 times per level, instead of 5.

Air Shield: Caster carries a roll of red duct tape and a marker. Caster chants a 20 word chant with no weapons in hand while placing red duck tape in a circle at most 10' across. The caster MUST write "Magic Wall of Air - can not cross, can only attack across with air attacks, destroyed by disenchant or any earth attack" clearly on the circle of tape. Once this is complete, the spell's effects begin.

The caster must be within this circle, and must remain there. If anyone disenchants the circle, or hits it with any earth attack, the spell immediately ends, and the caster must pick up the entire circle before taking any other action. Any exclusively air attacks pass through the circle without harming it and can harm the occupants, earth attacks destroy the circle and also harm the occupants, any other attacks that cross the circle do not effect the occupants - occupants should call "Immune" when hit by these. The occupants may not try to use non-air attacks on people outside the circle. It is the caster's responsibility to be sure all occupants of the circle understand the effects of this spell.

Beginner Abilities

Air Armor: Equivalent to 2 levels (4 points) of the Magic Armor spell, but this armor must be colored and decorated to look like their chosen element. This is in addition to any Magic Armor the player may already have - and that existing armor (or other Magic Armor Spells learned later) must also now be colored as their element. The mage may not have more than 2 points of armor on any location unless the mage has enough magic and air armor (combined) to more than cover all 6 major locations (front, back, right leg, left leg, right arm & left arm) with 2 points of armor. In that case, some locations can have 3 points of armor - provided all other locations have at least 2 points allocated to them.

Wall of Air: Caster carries a roll of red duct tape and a marker. He or she can use this spell to place a "wall" up to 10' long anywhere solid enough to support a wall. He or she performs a prepared 50-word chant with no weapons in hand, then lays out the duct tape, writing "Magical Wall of Air - can not cross, can only attack across with air or earth attacks, destroyed by disenchant or any earth attack" clearly on the tape. Once this is complete, the wall will exist and function just as the Air Shield ability, except that the player may leave the area of the spell. Only one wall for each caster of this ability may be in existence at any one time.

If interrupted before completing the wall, the spell fails and the "wall" should be pulled up immediately. The caster can remove the wall at will simply by pulling up the tape.

Amateur Abilities

Double Magic Missiles: This doubles the number of magic missiles that can be carried by the mage. Note this includes a missile that has been converted into a Lightning Bolt or other attack, but does not double the number of these attacks, just the number of normal missiles before this conversion. So, for example, a mage with a Lightning Bolt and another Magic Missile (2 Magic Missiles total) would have 1 Lightning Bolt and 3 Magic Missiles after taking this ability (4 Magic Missiles total).

Immune to Air: Caster becomes immune to all exclusively air attacks. Note that items with more than one attack form are not stopped, only the air part will be. For example, an air sword will not affect the mage with its air effect, but it is still a sword and can still hurt the mage as such.

Skilled Abilities

Focus becomes unsearchable: This removes the need for a mage's focus to be searchable - regardless of requirements to the contrary of any spells the mage knows.

Air Form: Caster can turn his or her body into pure elemental air. To do this, the caster sheaths or puts down all weapons and spell props. Then the caster performs a prepared 100 word chant and assumes the Invisibility pose and the spell activates.

While in this form, the character may cast no spells (except for the below exceptions), nor use any weapons, but the caster may speak aloud, yell, or whisper at will.

While in this form, the caster is invisible and immune to all attacks except those from magical weapons or earth attacks. The caster also gains 2 protection ribbons, which can only be used against non-instant-kill earth attacks. Magical weapons and (once the protection ribbons are expended) normal earth attacks do normal damage to the caster. Instant kill earth attacks have a special effect on the caster - see below.

While in this form, the caster may use his or her Breath of Life by standing next to a body and using the chant as normal - except that the caster need not actually touch the subject. The caster may travel through any closed basic door in a 1-count while in air form by slipping though the cracks. He or she may also travel through an advanced door or basic wall in a 10 count, or a special door or advanced wall in a 100 count. Special walls and magical doors and walls are too well made for there to be any air leaks, so they are still impassible to the Aeromancer. Also, the mage hovers slightly while in this form and may travel over any obstacle, such as water, lava, or other rough terrain, at full speed - as long as the obstacle can be overflown. The mage may also cast his or her Lightning Bolt spell once while in this form with a silent casting chant - but the Lightning Bolt spell can not be recharged while in Air Form. Whenever the lightning bolt is in hand, the electrical fields generated make the caster visible, so the invisibility sign may not be used. As soon as the Lightning Bolt is cast or put away again, the caster may once again become invisible.

Should the mage chose to end this spell the mage should squat down into a ball, stop using the invisibility sign, then say a different 100 word chant while taking no action. After the chant is complete, the spell's effects end.

There are disadvantages to this form however. If the mage is killed by either a magical weapon or a normal earth attack while in this form, the mage dissipates into air. The mage should lie on the ground and assume the invisible pose in the spot where he or she died for a full half-hour, after which his or her essence has reformed enough that people can see his or her remains and he or she can be raised normally. It is possible for the mage to be raised while invisible, but only by a priest who him/herself can see invisible things and the invisibility does NOT continue once the character is raised. However, if the character is killed while in air form by an instant-kill earth attack (eg: Boulders, Mud Blob, Magma Blob), the mage's elemental form is completely neutralized and the mage is instantly and permanently dead.

Master Abilities

One-Handed Lightning Bolt: Caster's lightning bolt can now be thrown as a one-handed item. The other hand is now free to hold a one-handed weapon or other prop.

Fast Lightning Bolt: Caster's lightning bolt recharge chant length is cut to 100 words, and the casting chant is now just "Lightning Bolt". (If the changes to these spells do not pass at the next council meeting, this ability will instead be: "Caster's Lightning Bolt recharge chant length is cut in half").