America on the brink by David Duke

Why we must oppose this Zionist war against America!

"Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence -- I conjure you to believe me, fellow citizens... history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government."

---George Washington

"Israel controls the United States Senate."

---Sen. William Fulbright

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

---Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

This issue of the Duke Report is probably the most important one that I have ever written. You who read these words are among the too few that fully understand the realities of Zionist power in America. It is crucial that you act immediately to share the information in this report to everyone you know. At this time, my job is a difficult and thankless endeavor. Now, more than ever, I need your support so I can reach the American people the truth they must hear before it is too late.

Many people wait to act until things really get bad. If you are someone who has put off getting more active in our cause, now is the time! Never in all of American history has our freedom, security and prosperity been more threatened! Every true American patriot must act now to protect the rights and heritage of our people.

America is on the brink of a global war that may well lead us to utter ruin. Cheered on by the Jewish media and the Jewish Lobby, the White House has already launched a series of devastating attacks on Afghanistan. The ultra-powerful Jewish Lobby now screams for a much wider war, a global war to supposedly protect us from terrorism.

If the war is widened, it will not save us from terrorism; it will make certain that we suffer from it. It would radicalize and motivate millions of people around the world to support terrorism against America. Make no mistake about it, this war is a war against America! It can only deeply harm our nation and our people!

Only Israel benefits from this war. The Zionist warmongers in media and government seek to use America's guns and money to strike devastating blows at Israel's enemies. They also know that the ensuing war fever will shift attention away from Israel's brutal terrorism and suppression against the Palestinian people. Here's how this war will have catastrophic effects on America:

* Every American attack on foreign nations will greatly increase hatred against America and spawn more terrorists who want to strike back at us.

* It will focus Arab anger away from Israel and toward America. Terrorism against America will accelerate as we become the primary target.

* As shown by the aftereffects of September 11, such terrorist acts will have a devastating affect on the American economy.

* Going to war for Israel's benefit will cost both American military and civilian lives. And. every American taxpayer will end up paying its multibillion dollar price tag.

* With unemployment skyrocketing, business suffering, and our economy is going into recession, instead of government giving tax breaks to ailing business and consumers, it plans a massive spending spree.

* American Constitutional freedoms are under the greatest assault in American history. Top government officials seek to eradicate many Constitutional rights.

* In conjunction to the loss of freedoms, the government authorized the largest and most powerful government "secret police" force in the history of the world.

The Big Lie!

Even before the blood had dried from the terror attacks on New York and Washington, the mass media and the Zionist Lobby began to manipulate American public opinion for the Jewish agenda.

Interspersed with the media coverage of terrible carnage of September 11, every TV network repeatedly ran film of of protestors celebrating in Palestine. Over and over throughout this traumatic day America and the world saw horrendous scenes of death and destruction constantly juxtaposed to Palestinian celebrations.

So, on the one hand the media depicted Palestinians as celebrating and told us that Osama Bin Laden was the prime suspect, then on the other hand they told us the attack had nothing to do with America's Israel First policy. They did everything they could to divert the American people from realizing clearly that our support for Israel directly led to the carnage.

The media repeatedly told us that the perpetrators were crazy cowards who were attacking us because they hated America's freedom and democracy. George Bush later set that big lie in stone by repeating the media's big lie when he addressed Congress a week after the Tragedy:

Americans are asking "Why do they hate us?" They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms...

The media did not bother to tell the American people that the attack occurred on the anniversary of the League of Nations Proclamation of the British Mandate, which was made public in Palestine on September 11, 1922. The British Mandate was the first major step toward implementation of the Balfour Declaration; the founding of a Jewish State in what is now Israel. September 11 is a day of infamy for the Palestinians and they apparently sought the same for America.

The media bosses had to know of the significance of that date. But, no major news source even mentioned it. The date can be found in many historical dating indexes, including Important Dates in History.

At the same time the media blamed Bin Laden for being the mastermind behind the attack, they purposefully hid his real motivation. Every media outlet in the world has full access to his past interviews. He has never said a word against democracy or freedom. In 1998, ABC news interviewed Laden and asked him about the previous attack on the World Trade Center. He praised the attackers and gave the reasons why he opposes America. Here are some excerpts of the broadcast by ABC three years ago:

"I say to them that they (Americans) have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton's administration...We believe that it represents Israel inside America. Take the sensitive ministries such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense and the CIA, you will find that the Jews have the upper hand in them. They make use of America to further their plans for the world..."

"For over half a century, Muslims in Palestine have been (by the Jews) slaughtered and assaulted and robbed of their honor and of their property. Their houses have been blasted, their crops destroyed..."

The media knew why America was attacked from day one. They knew all along it was because of our Israel First foreign policy. They knew that the attackers viewed America as under control of Zionists and that it has been used to support Israel and to attack Israel's enemies.

Saying the September 11 suicide bombers attacked America because they hate democracy is as ridiculous as saying a wolves eat rabbits because they hop. The truth is Wolves don't eat rabbits because they hop, but because they are food. Arab terrorists struck America not because it is a democracy, but because it supports Israel. You won't read about any plane bombs crashing into Switzerland or Iceland, two long-enduring democracies.

The Big Lie about attacking democracy is to cover up the obvious truth that the terrorist acts happened in retaliation for America's unconditional support for the terrorist state of Israel and its leader who is one of the world's most blood-stained terrorists; Ariel Sharon.

The Jewish media felt compelled to lie and divert people with a bogus reason for the terrorist acts. If Americans clearly understood that the fact that Israel's control of our foreign policy was the primary cause of this tragedy, people might ask obvious questions, such as:

* Is America's support of Israel really worth it?

* Is it worth the lives of 6,000 American victims lost on 9/11

* Is it worth the one trillion dollars of damage to our economy?

* Is it worth the 200 billion dollars of American taxpayer's money sent to Israel since its inception?

* Is it worth the additional trillions of dollars we have spent for higher petroleum costs? (The Arab oil-weapon response to our pro-Israel policies)

* Is it worth the loss of our Constitutional Rights and freedoms?

* Is it worth alienating 99 percent of the people of the Mideast for 1 percent?

* Is it worth it to support a nation created by terrorism and ethnic cleansing and whose leader is a long-time terrorist who is responsible for the death of 2000 men, women and children refugees in Lebanon?

* Is it worth it to support a nation that has committed terrorist acts of murder and destruction against the United States? (Such as the Lavon Affair and the attack on the American Navy ship, the U.S.S Liberty)

* Is it worth it to support a nation who spies on us? (Such as the Jonathan Pollard Case)

* Is it worth it to support a nation who steals from us? (Such as the theft of enriched uranium for Israel's illegal atomic bombs)

* Is it worth it to support a nation that sells our most secret defense technology to America's most dangerous enemy, the Red Chinese?

* Is it worth it to allow a foreign nation to have the strongest lobby in our own American government?

* Is it worth it for Israeli agents to bribe American candidates with vast sums of campaign money so they will put the interests of Israel over America?

The fact that the media could so unanimously cover up the real reason for the attack of September 11 is clear proof of the Jewish power over it.

And now this Jewish-controlled media is beating the drums for a massive war. This is the same Jewish media that for years has constantly criticized and ridiculed American patriotism. Right up until September 11, the media daily characterized George Bush as the village idiot who stumbled into the Presidency. Now that Bush may embrace Israel's Holy War against the Palestinians and their allies, he has suddenly become a great leader who will give us a wonderful victory in the glorious war ahead.

The same leftist Jewish bosses and media personnel who have subverted every true American patriotic interest to Israel's agenda over the past 50 years, have now put an American flag everywhere in sight, and solemnly tell us that George Bush's campaign to "rid the world of evil" is not in the least bit, too ambitious.

Israel's record of terrorism against America

Could Israel have had involvement in this terror attack on America? Before anyone dismisses that possibility they should consider Israel's long record of covertly committing terrorism against the United States.

Israel's record of terrorism against us is pretty clear and very damning. In 1956, Israel plotted to blow up American installations in Egypt and then blame the carnage on the Egyptians. It was a treacherous attempt to get America to go to war against their enemies. Only by the slightest luck was the plot exposed. The Israeli Defense Minister, Lavon, had to resign over the affair. In 1967, during another war with their Arab neighbors, Israel mercilessly attacked a clearly marked, flag-flying U.S. Navy intelligence ship: the USS Liberty.

Israel used unmarked fighters and first attacked the radio antennas attempting to prevent America from learning it was an Israeli attack. Then they bombed and strafed the ship. Finally, they used unmarked boats to torpedo the USS Liberty and try to sink her. They even machine gunned the Liberty's deployed yellow life rafts to make certain there were no survivors. Through incredible ingenuity and heroism, the Liberty's crewmembers were able to get a distress call to the American fleet, identify the attackers as Israelis, and remarkably keep the ship afloat.

The Israelis, who had monitored the Liberty's distress calls, knew that the American fleet was now aware that it was an Israeli attack. Their master plan of sinking the ship, killing all the Americans and blaming it on Egypt, had failed, and they finally withdrew. The American ship was as one crewman described it, "a scene out of hell," as 34 Americans lay dead and 174 were wounded on the USS Liberty.

Of course, Israel claimed the attack was a mistake, but after investigation both our former Secretary of State and the head of the U.S. Navy said the attack was clearly deliberate. As a further demonstration of Jewish media and government power, stories about the attack died quickly in America's Jewish press, and the Jewish Lobby was able to prevent a congressional investigation.

In 1986, in another very clever and treacherous action against America, Israeli commandos planted a radio transmitter in Libya and broadcast false information in Libyan code that indicated Libyan guilt for a terrorist bombing against Americans in Germany. Because of this intentional Jewish deception, America bombed Libya and even killed the young daughter of the Libyan President. Deceiving another nation into going to war must be considered a new height of treachery. Israel's action was not against an enemy, but against the nation who has been Israel's greatest benefactor, the United States of America.

Up until September 11, 2001, the new century has been a bad one for Israel. The election of a terrorist and mass-murderer, Ariel Sharon, to Prime Minister hurt Israel's image in much of the world. The ongoing shootings of demonstrating Palestinian teenagers finally began to touch the world's conscience. World opinion was shifting more and more in favor of the Palestinians.

Just two weeks before the September 11 tragedy, the U.N. World Conference Against Racism labelled Israel a racist, Apartheid state. The Jewish anti-racist chickens had finally come home to roost! Additionally, suicide bombers in Israel were making more and more Israelis question Ariel Sharon's hard line. How could master-terrorist Sharon pull Israel's chestnuts from of the fire?

Israel and the terror of September 11

In this atmosphere of Israeli desperation, consider the role of the Mossad, one of the most powerful spy and terrorist organizations on earth. This ruthless organization has specialized in thousands of targeted assassinations all over the world. Most experts say it is now second only to the CIA as a world spy organization. In the Mideast it does not even have a remote competitor.

The Mossad prides itself in infiltrating almost every Palestinian and Arab militant organization in the world. For years the Mossad has considered Bin Laden as their most dangerous enemies. There is little doubt that Mossad agents have penetrated key positions in Bin Laden's organization.

Now consider the large number of men involved in the WTC attack. Could the Mossad have had no informants or agents in such a large, multinational Arab terrorist group? Reason should tell us that even if Israeli agents were not the actual provocateurs behind the operation, at the very least they had prior knowledge of the attack.

Sharon did not warn American authorities and save those lives because he knew such a horrible event would reverse all of Israel's recent losses. September 11 would be a twenty-first century Pearl Harbor; galvanizing the American people for war; their war! Of course, not warning America about the impending attacks would make Israel a treacherous accomplice in the terror. But, please tell me when Israel or Ariel Sharon has shrunk from treachery.

Zionists have never worried about the loss of innocent life to achieve their ends. The Israeli state was founded on terror such as occurred at Deir Yassin, where Menachem Begin's thugs brutally murdered over 200 men, women and children and then publicized the atrocity to terrorize the Palestinians into fleeing from their homes and lands.

There is increasing evidence that Israel knew about the September 11 attacks before hand. There have been reports that Ariel Sharon postponed a visit to New York the day of the tragedy. It was reported in the mainstream press that the FBI interviewed an Israeli firm that was warned of the attack two hours before it occurred. Massive trading occurred in the Chicago mercantile commodity markets prior to the tragedy, betting that airline stocks and insurance companies would crash downward. Hundreds of millions of dollars were gained by those traders. The Chicago commodities exchanges are so thoroughly Jewish that the traders often speak in Yiddish, an Eastern European Jewish language.

One fact is irrefutable; Zionists caused the attack on America just as surely as if they themselves had piloted those plane bombs. It was caused by the Jewish control of the American media and Congress and its blind support of over 50 years of Israeli terrorism and treachery against the Palestinians and the other peoples of the Mideast. Their control over our country can be illustrated by the fact that the American government continued to support Israel with guns and money even after it committed direct acts of terrorism against us such as the Lavon Affair, the Assault on the Liberty, and the blatant deceptions that pushed America into acts of war.

The truth is that the Zionists only seek Jewish supremacism over the hapless Palestinians; they seek supremacism over us. Jewish supremacists already control the Hollywood movie and television industry, music, and news media. They constitute the most powerful force in the U.S. Congress and government agencies such as the State Department.

The Jewish Supremacists have orchestrated the non-European immigration that will dispossess White Americans the same way that Jewish immigration into Palestine has displaced the Palestinians. They have consciously led the effort to effort to make European Americans a minority in our own country. They seek to destroy the genetic, cultural identity and nationalism of all peoples other their own. While they preach open borders for us, they preach ultra-nationalism for their own people and support for Israel which has not a religious, but a genetic requirement for immigration.

The fundamental truth is that Jewish Supremacists hate the European people and Christians just as much as they hate the Muslim Arabs. They teach their children fear and hatred toward all Gentiles, and endlessly recite Christian persecutions against them. Their media teaches hatred of their gentile enemies from Pharaoh and Haman to Hitler and Hussein; their hate propaganda is as ancient as the Talmud and as modern as movies such as Shindler's List.

Zionists have also been the instigators of the globalism that is sweeping away American sovereignty and freedoms. They are the architects of the so-called hate laws that are the first steps to curtailing freedom of speech. And now, in the wake of this global war, they are orchestrating the most massive infringement of rights and freedom in American history.

Jewish supremacism over our government and media has caused American support of the terrorist state of Israel and the ensuing terrorist response against the American people. And now with this war they are making their boldest move yet against us!

A Jewish war against America!

The Jewish supremacists and their servants are screaming for a wider war, a global war that will not protect us from terrorism, but make us more certain to endure it. Make no mistake it about it, this is a Jewish war that is being fought not just against the Arabs, it is a Jewish war against America because it directly against our fundamental interests.

This war could well destroy American prosperity and our most sacred, fundamental freedoms.

I urge every reader of the Duke Report and every member of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), to support our boys, but oppose this war. Why should we risk the lives of our young men and the lives of thousands of American civilians to support the criminal actions of Israel?

I urge you to be patriotic for America by opposing this Jewish war, for this Jewish war will do incalculable harm to the United States and her people.

I urge you who have for so long believed but stood on the sidelines, to get active for our people, for our freedoms and for our future.

I urge you to share the truth with your fellow family members, friends, and co-workers.

Better to make a heroic effort today rather than endure brutal oppression tomorrow.

I also urge you to financially support our efforts to awaken the American people. I am encouraged to report to you that our mail boxes and web sites have been flooded with inquiries of Americans who on their own have guessed at the truth. These are Americans who have never before been involved in Patriotic organizations.

In my entire lifetime, I have never seen the interest in our Movement at a higher level. However, I must tell you that our huge Web traffic, printed literature and postage are expensive, so I ask for your generous help so I can continue to awaken our people.

I call on you, each and every one of you who reads these lines, to reach out to a fellow American and tell him the truth! Never has this call been more urgent than at this moment in history.

The time is now!

Rep. David Duke
Former member of the House of Representatives
State of Louisiana